"Breeding for the highest quality in Toy Poodles specializing in
White and Cream."


It gives me pleasure to introduce these wonderful dogs to become new members of families ready for many years of devotion.

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This breed has been a large part of my life journey. I fell in love with the beauty of the purebred dog. I admire the variety and how the structure of each breed has a specific purpose. Over the years my dog interests have been intertwined with all aspects of my life and family. Behind everything my dogs keep me calm and grounded. Their love and adoration is comforting. No matter what kind of day you have had they put a smile on your face and any stress dissappears.

My husband and I live in a rural area in central Pennsylvania. Our children live in the local area and are on their own with growing families. This has given me the time to return to my desire to breed, show and train these wonderful toy poodles.

New puppies are exciting, even though we may only have a litter occasionally. Every litter is a planned event in an attempt to improve on the parents. Also with every litter born is hope for my next dog for the show ring.

The joy of new owners as the young puppies join new families is a very gratifying.

I remain available to help in any way for you and your new family member.

Chris Pfingstler

Mtn Laurel Poodles